I have questions about Piryx, who do I talk to?

Piryx Inc. and Rally.org are managed by the same team and are part of the same fundraising family. If you have a fundraising account on Piryx, then you would log in at Piryx.com just as you used to. You can email any questions about Piryx to support@piryx.com or to support@rally.org - both emails come to us!


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    Ryan Yacco

    This is false.  The Pyrix email is not active, despite the fact that it still appears in every donor receipt email, it bounces as undeliverable.  The Piryx phone number is also not active.  Support requests submitted through Piryx are not answered.  The Rally email listed is at least active, but I have not received a response to multiple inquiries over the course of 6 weeks now.  

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    Amanda Moyer

    I am also interested in this answer. Can someone get back to me?

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