What is the difference between Piryx Inc. and Rally.org?

Piryx is our legacy donation platform and provides a standardized donation page that can be integrated on your website and on your Facebook page to for online donations. Piryx allows you to customize your donations and thank you messages as well as provides you with donor reports for easy accounting. On Piryx, funds donated to your campaign are processed and deposited to the campaigns bank account by our payments team, and all refunds and disputes are managed by our customer support team directly.

Rally.org is an online fundraising website that enables people to raise money and build communities through social storytelling. To date, we’ve empowered tens-of-thousands of individuals and organizations to share and broadcast their passions, leverage social networks and mobilize crowds to change their worlds. Rally.org is free to use and open to anyone that wants to raise money for what matters. The rally leader has control over their finances and can process refunds and withdraw funds into their bank account as required.

Our fees is 5% + (credit card processing fee)2.9%+$0.30 per transaction for Rally and Piryx, and our team manages all disputes on your behalf regardless of which platform you choose for your campaign

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