How do I create a Rally page?

Starting a Rally is simple and easy! Here's a step-by-step guide to create your Rally. Go to and click on Start Your Own Rally.


Fill out your name, email address and a password you'd like to use or sign in with Facebook. Then click the Sign Up button.  


Take a moment to fill out the  Basic Setup section. Start by entering a short phrase to name your Rally. We recommend you consider a short phrase that will translate well into a customized URL for your page. Now customize your URL under Your URL: enter the phrase you'd like to use to officially brand your campaign (ex. On the right-hand side, choose your fundraising goal type and goal. You have the option of choosing whether you'd like to publicly show your monetary goal or your goal for your number of donors. Once you've filled out this information, click on Save and Continue.

The Tell Your Story section is the most important part of your campaign page. Here, you will be prompted to explain the story behind your Rally in 1,500 characters. View the Tips section below the text box for writing prompts to let your supporters know who you are, why you're raising money, how the money will be used and how people can help. Review this blog post for more advice on how to tailor your story to make sure it resonates with supporters.

Next, you will need to personalize your donation page with a YouTube video or a photo. Once this is completed, hit Finish...and you're all set! Visit our blog for advice. We also have tips on choosing a video or selecting a cover photo.

Once this is completed, hit Finish...and you've successfully launched your online campaign!

Next, Under the Settings tab, in the Your Cover Page section, you have the opportunity to personalize your donation page with a Mad Libs-style phrase about your Rally and a featured YouTube video or photo that will inspire potential supporters to give to your cause. Looking for help on how to customize the "I'm rallying for ... to ...." field? Visit our blog for advice. We also have tips on choosing a video or selecting a cover photo.

Next steps

Your campaign page is technically live, but there's more to be done. We advise you to go to the Finances section and enter a U.S. bank account where you'd like the donations you raise to be deposited.

Once you're happy with the look and feel of your campaign, you're ready to share it with friends, family members and other potential supporters. Extend the reach of your campaign by checking out these suggestions. Make the most of your Updates section by reviewing our guide, Turn Your Story into Support.

Good luck and congratulations on starting your Rally! For more questions, visit our Customer Help Center or the FAQ section of our page.


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