How do I choose the best photo or video for my Rally?

First impressions are lasting ones and usually set the tone for the relationship. Choosing the right photo or video as your background is just like making a first impression and we've got some tips for you!

Choosing the right image 

  • The larger and higher quality, the better. If you're looking for dimensions to play with, try a square or landscape photo larger than 500 pixels wide.

Working with videos

Choosing the right video can be very powerful. Videos should ideally be short (1-2 minutes) and tell the story behind your campaign or project. Your video should make the viewer want to click through and view more updates from you.

In general, it's good to show the people or place benefitting from the Rally. 

A few more things to think about when choosing a background image or video:

  • Show people and their faces.
  • Do not use text on the image.
  • Do not use dark images or video.

 Good Photo Examples

Good Video Examples

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