How do I set a fundraising goal?


Setting a donation goal can inspire your supporters to give and help spread the word about your Rally. Yet it's important to establish clear and realistic goals for your campaign, since huge goals can intimidate your donors. Think about what, exactly, you are fundraising for: The more specific you can be about the person, project, or initiative the Rally donations will go toward, the more accurately you can estimate what your fundraising goal should be.

Also consider the donating power of your users and potential contributors: Who is your campaign geared toward: friends, coworkers, family, the general public? Think about how much your audience can give and whether they can afford to repeatedly donate.

A few things to note about setting a goal:

  • Setting a goal is optional.

  • You can choose to create a goal for a certain dollar amount or a specific number of donors.

  • You can add, remove, or change your goal at any time during the life of your Rally.

  • Only donations processed via will be reflected in your goal. The goal cannot be manipulated to reflect offline contributions or gifts from other websites.

  • You do not have to reach your goal to claim your funds. You get all the funds you’ve raised even if you have not met your goal.

The default goal amount for your Rally is set at $2,500. You can change or edit this goal from within the Settings tab of your Rally. To do this, choose Basic from the drop-down options and edit your goal amount under Fundraising Goal.

Read this post from our blog for more tips on setting fundraising goals and rewards.

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