Invite supporters with a personal note from you!

When inviting supporters, you can now add a personal note telling them more about your rally and why they should join your fundraising efforts!

  • Go to the Invite Supporters tab on the right side of your page from anywhere within your rally

  • Choose how you want to add supporters and add a personal message in the text box before inviting supporters 

  • Adding a custom message is optional. If you choose not to, a default message will be sent to your supporters


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    Lilly Valley i have nobody

    well goodnite,im new at this,but hopefully it will all be better in a few days,to all my supporters,thank you & god bless you & myself,this is what im saying in advance,

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    Laura Cowan

    My journey to Ghana Africa to help the villages is a dream come true. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and please continue to support. This is a wonderful mission to be able to help the women and children in the the village.

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