What's the best way to share my Rally with friends and family?

Before you share, check the following

  • You have uploaded a compelling background image.
  • You have completed your Rally description. 

Now you're ready! 

The most successful way to ask for support is in person. Picking up the phone, sending a text, writing a Facebook message, or sending a personal email are also very powerful. Identify 4 or 5 key players in your life (best friend, family member, classmate, neighbor, co-worker) that would be the first to donate and help you spread your story. 

Have you considered asking these people?
  • Coworkers
  • Facebook friends
  • Friends from school/classes
  • Family members/family friends
  • Address-book contacts
  • Neighbors
  • Wedding/graduation/holiday party invite list
  • Church groups, sports teams

It's important to encourage each of them to not only contribute, but also to share your Rally with their own social groups via email, Facebook or text. From there you'll start to see these multiple degrees of people coming to your Rally page.

Once you get the Rally going, you’ll be surprised who ends up supporting!

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